The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is offering the Agri-Vijana loan targeting young people keen on undertaking agri-business and more specifically, Green house farming.

This has been made possible through a partnership with smart solution Africa Limited to support young farmers in acquiring greenhouses presenting a shift from traditional farming methods to modernized ones.

Smart Solution Africa Limited is engaged to supply Farmers Kits which is tailor made to meet the young farmers’ specific needs.


  1. Application will be made through our constituency offices/regional offices
  2. Amount approved will be amount requested once requirements have all been met.
  3. The loan will be guaranteed by the group members/personal guarantees and green house and House hold items worth 200,000
  4. The loan attracts no interest ,but 10% management fee is chargeable
  5. Successful applicant will be issued with the green house and the following inputs;


  • Green house tunnels with solarig covers, locking profile and Steel reinforced structures
  • At least 3 years guarantee for each SSA kit. This guarantee will start running upon disbursement of the loan to a beneficiary of the SSA kit and shall survive the expiry of this agreement.
  • Different types of covers favorable for different climatic conditions and environments within Kenya
  • complete plant support system with ground and overhead components
  • 1000 liters solid tank
  • High quality drip irrigation system sufficient for green house and open field
  • Sufficient nursery sets and growing media
  • High quality seeds for the first seasons inside the green house and open field
  • Assorted agro-chemicals sufficient for one season
  • Granule- Coated Control release fertilizers for the first season
  • Personal protective equipment:-
  • An Apron(overall)
  • Gloves
  • Gum boots
  • Head gear
  • Cartridge mask
  • Knap Sack Sprayer
  • Insurance cover for SSA kit and the crops against natural calamities for the period of loan
  • Training on greenhouse management
  • Delivery of the greenhouse and all the related components to the specified beneficiaries’ farms.
  • Complete installation and commissioning of the green houses and the drip irrigation system.

Eligibility Requirements

General requirements by applying group/individuals

  • Proof of access to land
  • Access to reliable source of water
  • Ability to raise initial deposits amounts (see below for details)
  • Site visit appraisals by constituency/regional office
  • Guarantors Copy of id and pin

Requirements by applying group

  • The group members must be within the age bracket of (18-34)
  • Officials must be within the age (18-34)
  • The group must have registered with social department and have a valid registration certificate.
  • Group must have a bank account
  • Group to provide all the members id copies
  • Group minutes signed and confirmed by the officials to inform of members resolution to borrow

Requirements by applying individual

  • Copy of id and pin
  • Three months certified bank statement
  • Three months business record if the applicant is in business
  • Letter from employer and three months certified pay slip if the applicant is employed

Loan amount

  • Fixed Model Greenhouse 8x30m with open family drip system 90m  –  Ksh430,000
  • Fixed Model Greenhouse 8x24m with open family drip system 90m  –  Ksh399,000
  • Fixed Model Greenhouse   8x15m with open family drip system 90m  –  Ksh357,344


  • 10% deposit must be paid to youth fund account once the loan has been approved
  • Instalments will be inclusive of management fee


  • Application form
  • Certified list of the group members
  • Copies identification card and pin for the applicant and guarantors
  • Group minutes signed by group officials
  • Copy of valid registration certificate
  • Appraisal report from the constituency/regional officer
  • Land consent form where applicant is leasing the land
  • Copy of tittle deed
  • Two colored passport size photos to be submitted by individual applicants
  • Two Duly signed guarantors forms

Mode of disbursement

  • Group/applicant will be issued with the farmers kit as per the approved application


  • The group/applicant will enjoy 4months grace period before start paying the facility.
  • The monthly installment is paid to Youth fund account quoting the code.




Twitter: youthfund_kenya