Youth Employment Scheme Abroad

August 23, 2016

Youth Employment Scheme Abroad

facilitating youth to access jobs abroad

Phases of International Labor migration

The Fund is mandated to facilitate young people, whose services are not engaged locally, to secure employment in the foreign labour markets. The Fund has established partnerships with Private Employment Agencies (PEA), Training and Professional Institutions to facilitate youth access jobs abroad through:

  • Sourcing for jobs
  • Pre-interview training
  • Pre-departure training
  • Financial training
  • Migration loans


  1. Look out for Advertisement of Job Opportunities from
    • Registered employment agencies
    • Websites
    • Media
  2. Job Opportunities and Skills are matched
    • Interested youth send their CVs to youth officers, YESA officers and recruitment


    • CVs are vetted to match job requirements and presented skills
    • Qualified applicants are short listed
  3. Selected CVs are sent to the Prospective Employer
    • The recruitment agencies forwards the short listed CVs to the prospective employer for

      further processing

    • Prospective employers select the qualified applications and communicate the list to the

      accredited recruitment agencies

  4. Selected Candidates are contacted
    • The short listed applicants are contacted by accredited recruitment agencies through e-
      mail, telephone, and YEDF communication mechanisms
  5. Pre-Interview Training is conducted
    • Short listed applicants are invited for pre-interview training to enhance their interview


    • Pre-interview training is conducted by Youth Fund officers and agent representatives.
  6. Interviews are carried out
    • Prospective employer communicates the interview date to the recruitment agencies.
    • Candidates are notified of the venue, time and date of the interview by recruiting


    • Interviews are conducted by the prospective employer personally or through their agent

      in the presence of Youth Fund officers and recruiting agencies.

    • Successful candidates are notified promptly through appropriate means.
  7. Pre-Departure Training is carried out
    • Successful candidates are notified of the venue, time and date of the pre-departure

      training by Youth Fund officers and recruitment agencies. The purpose of the training

      is to prepare the would be employees for the new work environment and what is

      expected of them in the foreign country as well as immigration requirements and

      procedure of processing the required travel documents.

    • Pre-departure training is conducted by Youth Fund officers/trainers.
  8. Youth depart to destined Country

Phases of International Labor migration