Make Careers, Build Enterprises Out Of Talent

May 24, 2017


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Make Careers, Build Enterprises Out Of Talent

Make Careers, Build Enterprises Out Of Talent

Creative products and cultural activities have a real potential to generate economic and social gains. The production and distribution of creative products can yield income, employment and trade opportunities, while fostering social cohesion and community interaction. Globalization and the rapid uptake of new technologies have also opened up huge possibilities for the commercial development of creative products. It is based on this insight that the Youth Fund Board Chairman Ronald Osumba urged young people attending the 2nd Youth Leadership & Talent Summit at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology to make careers and build enterprises out of their talents.

While delivering his key note address, Mr. Osumba reminded youth that they were living at an age when exploitation of talent has the potential to be a means to a livelihood. “The most successful individuals throughout history pursued their natural talents in sports, entertainment, literature or science. Thousands of Kenyans today are making careers and building enterprises around sports and the creative industry some of whom include Churchill, KJ, Nameless, Jalang’o, Ezekiel Kemboi, Emily Kosgey and many others” he said.

Mr Osumba informed them of the government’s commitment to support talent.“There has never been a better time to have a talent in Kenya as it is today. The government has put in place measures to support youth talent such as the Kenya Film Commission, Kenya National Theatre, National drama and music festivals, enforcing the quota of local content in the media houses and providing affordable financial support to develop youth talents through the affirmative funds.

He noted that the Fund was in the process of rolling out a talent development loan. The loan will target youth in the creative/performing industries with the aim financing working capital, production, and recording. “We are committed to addressing the issue of unemployment and investing in youth talent is a key component of our strategy” he said