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May 24, 2017


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Kudos To Staff!

Kudos To Staff!

Youth Fund CEO Josiah Moriasi has commended members of staff for their dedication to duty that has in turn steered the Fund on a steady path towards achieving its goals. In order to sustain this momentum, it is important that members of staff continue to work together as a team and focus on improving on service delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction. He asked staff to cooperate, use their individual skills and provide constructive feedback towards achieving a common purpose “We all have different skills and competencies and if well-coordinated will have a greater impact on the overall performance of the institution” he said.

Mr. Moriasi further urged staff to align their activities to the overall objectives and key performance indicators stipulated in the Fund’s 2016/2017 Performance Contract (PC). This, he said will ensure that all daily activities undertaken by staff contribute towards achieving the set targets. He noted that the Board had directed that the PC targets be cascaded to all service levels. “I have already signed my PC targets with the Board and it is to this end that I am today signing PC targets with Heads of Departments and Units. I expect them to cascade the same to the individual level. I want us all to have a collective responsibility and accountability for the achievement of the targets set in the PC and the overall success of the institution”. He added

Mr. Moriasi was speaking during the inaugural signing ceremony of Performance Contracts with Heads of Departments and Units held at the Fund’s boardroom and witnessed by members of staff.