LPO/LSO Financing Loan

August 23, 2016

LPO Financing

Support young people participating in government tenders

About The Loan

This loan is available to youth who have been awarded tenders by government agencies (ministries, parastatals, county governments and constitutional commissions) under the AGPO programme, and from other reputable procuring entities not owned by the government (those listed at the NSE and credible NGOs). Youth can access the loan as follows:

Local Purchase Orders (LPO) Financing:

  • The loan is available to individuals, registered groups, partnerships and companies owned and run by the youth.
  • Youth can access up to Kshs. 5 million.
  • The Fund will finance 70% of the LPO amount.
  • The loan attracts an interest of 1.5% after 90 days.
  • A commission of 6.5% of the amount borrowed will be charged.  The loan will be secured using Letter of undertaking, Bank guarantees, and conventional security.


  • Be registered with the relevant government body.
  • A valid LPO from a qualifying agency
  • Undertaking by the procuring entity to pay the tender proceeds in favour of Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board
  • Customer account details