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Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

My name is Ann Wanjiku, I am the secretary of the Novelty Youth group based in Limuru, Kiambu County. Our group was formed and registered in the year 2012. It has ten members eight of whom are very active. Like most young people, our desire to gain economic independence drove us into business. We knew out of experience that it was not easy to get white collar jobs despite academic qualifications. We were confident in our talents and desire to succeed in life through entrepreneurship. Getting business ideas was not difficult. They were born out of challenges facing our community in Limuru. We believed that we could find ways to address them and make money while at it. We run a number of businesses including garbage collection, a car wash and a Nyumba finder app which helps agents to manage their houses and for the public to find homes anywhere in the country. We are currently managing 10 agents and have agencies in Kawangware and along Ng’ong Road. The businesses were started in the year 2012, 2015 and 2017 respectively.

We face challenges as a business. One of them is that our Nyumba Finder app is yet to pick. This is because most of our customers especially those who are not techno savvy do not understand its value in business. We are hoping to change this through extensive marketing using word of mouth and providing excellent customer service. We are also keen on taking up as many opportunities such as those provided by the Youth Fund to market the application.

I know that many young people do not like forming groups to do businesses because of the different interests and levels of commitment. While this may be true, we have found that working as a group has many advantages as long as its members have shared goals and focus. It is easy to generate great business ideas, raise capital and make use of talents of members within the group. It is by working as a group that we have learnt responsibility and commitment that is required to run a successful business. We have understood the importance of holding regular meetings and involving a mentor to give us advice on business and life. This has really helped to keep the group glued together as a unit. As a result, we have created jobs for ourselves and gained financial freedom that has even enabled some of our members to go back to school to further their education. In addition three of our members have started their own individual businesses.

The Youth Fund has supported our growth in business through group loans and market support. We plan to take advantage of other services such as the business expansion loan and market support. I wish to encourage my fellow youth not to fear taking risks. Take a leap of faith by forming groups with like-minded people. While there are very many opportunities in business, chose a venture that will involve your passion and talents”.

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