AgriVijana Loan

Support young people in agri-business

About The Loan

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund has partnered with smart solutions africa (ssa) to support young farmers in acquiring greenhouses and global compliant agricultural input that presents a shift from traditional farming methods to modernised ones

Inside The SSA Farmers Kit

  • Drip irrigation system
  • 1000 liters Water tank (Stackable)
  • Famer’s sprayer kit for 1 st season
  • Sufficient nursery set
  • Fertilizers
  • Agrochemicals
  • Plant support system
  • Health and safety-protective gear
  • Group/Individual Training
  • Agro support for entire loan period
  • SSA Farmer’s Kit insurance

Loan Details

Cost of SSA Farmer’s Kit:
Fixed Model green house 8x30M with open family drip system 90M Kshs. 430,000
Fixed Model green house 8x24M with open family drip system 90M Kshs. 399,000
Fixed Model green house 8x15M with open family drip system 90M Kshs. 357,344
  • 10% deposit must be paid to youth fund account once the loan has been approved
  • Instalments will be inclusive of 10% management fee


Grace period: Four months
(The group/applicant will enjoy 4months grace period before start paying the facility)
Mode of payment: By direct deposit to the YEDF bank account quoting the code.
Loan Collateral: The security of the loan will be:

  • The financed equipment
  • Personal guarantees by group/individual members
  • Household items worth not less than Kshs.200,000
Insurance: All group/individual members shall be insured by the Fund against death and permanent disability.
Crops shall be insured against crop failures as a result of natural forces.
Eligibility: The applying group/individual must:
  • Have access to land, minimum of quarter of an acre. This must be supported by documents of ownership and in absence of the documents, a written consent from the owner allowing the group/individual to use the said land for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Access to reliable and constant source of water.
  • Knowledge or experience in agriculture is an added advantage.
  • Group/individual must be able to raise the 10% of the investment outlay.


The applying group must:
  • Be registered with relevant Government Ministry.
  • Not less than 8 members per group.
  • Be 70% youth (18-34 years)
  • Group leaders must be between 18-34 years.
  • Be residents in the constituency of application.
  • Be sponsored/guaranteed by a leader in the society (details of acceptable guarantors indicated in the application form).

Interested youth groups should submit the following:
  • Fully completed application form (available at District Youth Office, Youth Fund Regional Offices)
  • Group’s registration documents
  • List of all group members certified by the gender office with copies of their identification cards.
  • Proof of access to land
  • Proof of own contribution (minimum of 10% of investment outlay)
  • Details and application forms can be obtained from any District Youth Office, Youth Fund Regional

For individual applicant, the loan is available to 3 categories of youth:
  • Those already doing Agriculture
  • Those running other business salaried youth
The applying individual must submit the following:
  • Dully filled application forms
  • Dully filled and signed chattels forms. Youth will provide household items worth at least Ksh.200,000.
  • Copy of I.D
  • Copy of PIN Certificate
  • 2 coloured passport size photos.
  • · 2 dully signed guarantors’ forms. Both guarantors MUST have a source of income, either from business or formal employment. (One of the guarantors will preferably be a parent or the person who provides land to the youth)

Youth already in agriculture:
  • Any reasonable evidence of ongoing agricultural endeavor by the applicant e.g. business registration, permits/licenses, agricultural business records, photographs etc.
  • Latest 3 month, certified bank statement (M-pesa statements may be attached to reinforce the bank statement)

Youth with other business seeking diversification:
  • Proof of other business existence e.g. Registration certificate, business permits, licenses etc
  • Reasonable business records extracts
  • Latest 3 months, certified bank statements (M-Pesa statements may be attached to reinforce the bank statement).

Salaried youth seeking to invest in Agri-business:
  • Latest 3 months pay slips certified by the employer letter from the employer confirming that the youth is indeed employed.
  • Latest 3 months, certified bank statement
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